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Clear Forrest Green and Clear Light Blue

What are Trustbatons?

     Trustbatons are accessible extreme close quarter penetrating self defense weapons for women. Trustbatons are also personalized key chains. Trustbatons are taught in our women's self defense classes. It is comprised of a cast rigid urethane resin. It is cylindrical in shape, approximately five and three quarters (5 3/4 inches long, five eights (5/8) inches wide, two (2) inches in circumference, and thirty four (34) grams in weight. One end is flat with a small cable key ring attached. The other end tapers to a point from which the sharpened tip of a steel rod inside the Trustbaton protrudes. 

     The outside surface is either smooth or textured and is indented by six grooves to improve grip. The Trustbatons come in many colors created by the addition of dye and or other coloring products. The Trustbatons come in a solid colored form, or a clear glittered form depending on the clients desire. 

Orange and white, Yellow and Blue, Pink and Blue

MINI Trustbatons! and colors. What colors do Trustbatons come in?

  Mini Trustbatons are a shorter version of the full size Trustbatons. Same dimensions as the full size Trustbatons except they are 1" shorter for smaller hands. 

     We are able to make both the Solid and the Clear Mini Trustbatons in an assortment of colors. If we do not have the color you'd like on hand contact us and let us make you a  specific color.


Monogram Trustbatons

     We are able to provide Monogram Trustbatons with your name inside the Clear Trustbatons. We can provide your name formed with wire, or an actual steel lettering spelling out your name.

Trustbaton Self Defense Classes

Contact us if you would like to attend a Trustbaton self defense class or our Women's Awareness and Response (W.A.R.) self defense class and we will get you registered.

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