Trustbaton Shows Locations and Times

What type and color do you want?


We can make almost any color you want and for any representation. 

Want a school color let us know what school and we can make it for you.

Want a specialized color by your specifications let us make it for you. 


We periodically take part in special event shows for HOLIDAYS, Arts and Crafts, or just public special events. We will list the current shows by dates , times, and locations for your 

convenience. Come visit us at these shows for our products. 


Trustbatons LLC  Presents: 

           June Summer Sale 

Corner of Popps Ferry and  Cedar Lake Roads

      Saturday, June 1st, 2019

           9:00 am - 12:00 pm


RON MYERS  Presents:

Ron Meyers Christmas City Gift Show

November 8-10, 2019

Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum

Booth #127.A


I bought a Trustbaton for my wife and enrolled her in the Trustbaton class. She currently carries a gun, but the Trustbaton gives her another readily available form of self protection.  


I carry my Trustbaton everywhere I go and love the quick access to my keys that can also be used as a weapon.


SHARE BIG NEWS is proud to announce our products are now in 10 states to include Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Virgin Islands.

We are also proud to announce Trustbatons are now in the countries of:

Italy, Moldova, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea, and South Africa


Q: Why should I carry and use a Trustbaton? 

A: The Trustbaton is designed to be a low profile extreme close quarter defensive weapon that also houses your personal keys that can also be used as a weapon once trained on the applications. 

Q: Why should I use a Trustbaton, I carry a gun?

A: Its great you carry a gun for protection but you never get out of your car to go into a store with the gun in your hand. Nor do you come out of the store with the same gun in your hand to walk to your car. BUT you always have your car keys in hand. Now you can have the Trustbaton house your keys for access and use the Trustbaton and keys for close quarter defensive protection until you can acquire your gun.